Your Borough of Culture

There are so many ways that you can get involved in Knowsley’s year as Borough of Culture.

Of course, you can attend one of the many events happening throughout 2022 but there is so much more you can do to be part of this extra special year.

Sculpture trail

Most people are very familiar with The Owl & the Pussy-Cat poem that tells the tale of two animals setting off to sea in a ‘beautiful pea green boat.’

But, what many people do not know is that the poem, by Edward Lear, was actually written at Knowsley Hall in 1871.


Community events

Before the year even begins, the community of Knowsley have already been getting involved.

Throughout the summer of 2021 the 'Story Catchers' visited towns and villages across the borough to meet local people and capture ideas, stories and memories to help shape Knowsley’s Borough of Culture Year and to inspire and excite communities and individuals to get involved and be part of the celebrations that will happen in 2022.


Do you want to learn new skills, make friends and be at the heart of our exciting cultural events?

We’re inviting you to become a volunteer. If you want to play a part in celebrating culture in 2022 please email


An out of this world experience

People who were previously married in St. Chad’s Church can apply to renew their vows in a mass ceremony which will take place on Valentine’s Day – Monday 14 February – underneath the Gaia installation.

If you would like to get involved, please follow this link and complete the form.