Also popping up during the weekend…

Hieronymous the hypochondriac hippo (by Thingamajig Theatre)

Poor Hieronymous is feeling unwell – help diagnose the problem

Issiah and Florence (by Artemis)

Two magnificent 10 foot high flamingo puppets arrive in Prescot fresh from Glastonbury!

Lionel and Leona (by Artemis)

Normally found illuminating the depths of the ocean Lionel and Leona are two mischievous light-up Lion Fish

Plucky (by Thingamajig Theatre)

Meet Plucky. A VERY big VERY friendly and possibly over curious chicken – accompanied by his hen-pecked side kick

Queen Beatrice and her workers (by Altered Scale Theatre)

A stilt walking Queen Bee is on a royal visit to Prescot with her two beautiful worker bees.

Follow the Edward Lear Bird trail (by Bird Cage Stage CIC)

Can you hear the Stripey or Scroobious bird? The Obsequious Ostrich or Hasty Hen spouting nonsense from their ornamental bird boxes around Prescot Town Centre. How many can you find?

Altered States and Friends

Prescot Town Centre will come alive with tales of magic and wonder - free street theatre, face painting and storytelling from Altered States and friends throughout the three-day Festival.

Silk Street Jazz Band

With a fast-growing reputation as one of the most exciting jazz bands in the country – why not grab some food and drink in one of Prescot’s bars, restaurants and cafes and catch Silk Street Jazz Band as they stroll through the town centre stopping for an impromptu set.